Cinnabar Ashburton Island Girl




            Ch. Foxglove Chances Are

    Ch. Cinnabar Foxglove Hi Gear

            Ch. Foxglove Cinnabar Carrera


            Ch. Apple Acres Chain Lightning

    Soliare Cinnabar Midnite Storm

            Soliare Tropical Breeze

Liesl is a non-white factored (so far) bi-factored tri bitch from Nola Chock in Hawaii. Liesl has a beautiful, happy expression, and a body to die for. She has a naturally harsh, easy to care for black coat (no red). Her front assembly is one of the best I have seen in this breed, and her rear angulation matches, creating lovely flowing movement that effortlessly covers ground.

Liesl loves to work, and has produced one litter of very happy, biddable girls. She is an awesome mother, teaching her babies everything she knows about life.

Liesl has a newly discovered love of sheep, and has been taking lessons.


Sadly, In September 2013, Liesl was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis. Bloodwork showed impressively high pancreatic values, with Ultrasound finding some lesions on her liver in addition to the inflamed pancreas. She was still eating at the time she was admitted to the vet for treatment. She stopped eating the day I brought her home, and succumbed to the pancreatitis two weeks later.