Clantyre Cinnabar All About Evie




Evie is the second puppy born from the first litter bred and whelped here at Clantyre.  She is the official greeter at club meetings, will show for 5 year old aspiring juniors, and will kiss all that get close enough.

Evie is the epitome of “cute little girls”. She never went “off” as a puppy, she just got bigger.  Evie has started her agility career, and is the fastest dog I have trained, forcing me to actually learn to handle properly. She puts everything she has into everything she does, and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She is pushy and demanding, and will have her way, all while sneaking up onto your lap to stick her tongue in your ear.

Evie learned weaves in six weeks, and has a natural striding a-frame. She goes anywhere, and is happy to go.

She just makes me happy, and is a fun dog to own.

She is 14 inches and is possibly bi-factored (any guesses?).


            Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Bottoms Up ROM


            Ashburton Foxglove Picante


            Ch. Cinnabar Foxglove In Hi Gear

   Cinnabar Caladesi

            Cinnabar Cachet (dam of 12 puppy litter)

Photo by Jim Poor